Job Description

  • Minimum 3 years Jackleg and stoper experience in drift development
  • Ability to read and understand mine prints
  • Minimum one-year experience with LHD
  • Must understand and use the 5-Point Safety system


  • Must have common core 770010 and be registered with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills (MTCU) (u0000, u0001, u0002, u0012)
  • Must have modules:
    • u0004 Drill Rock
    • u0005 Rock Bolt Ground
    • u0006 Blast Rock
    • u0010 Muck with Load Haul Dump Machine
    • u0011 Extend Services
    • u0014 Operate Forklift
    • u0024 Operate Utility Vehicle
    • u0035 Operate Backhoe
    • u0068b Perform Trackless Haulage
    • u0080 Install & Maintain U/G Pipe System
    • u0082 Install & Maintain U/G Vent System

Regular Tasks

  • Install ground support with jackleg & stoper drills
  • Maintain and extend air and water
  • Maintain and extend ventilation system

Occasional Tasks

  • Use of mini excavator (backhoe)
  • Muck using LHD equipment
  • Assist with other mining duties when required


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