Primary Function

Surveys and takes measurements of development headings and stopes as required to update plans, direct miners for line and grade and gather information for bonus calculations.

Source of Supervision

Mine Planner/Mine Planning Engineer


  • Surveys development headings as required to ensure miners maintain the line and grade laid out by planning engineers.
  • Measures the advancement of development headings.
  • Copies work orders, prints, sketches, etc., for distribution to specific trades.
  • Measures the quantity of ore broken in stopes.
  • Calculates the tonnage and volume of ore broken in stopes and development headings and enters on contract sheets.
  • Prepares standard reports on the advance of development headings and monthly reports on tonnage of ore mined.
  • Updates planning maps, stope maps, long section maps, indicating ore and fill and using standard drafting procedures.
  • Marks up diamond drill lines for Geologists as required.
  • Files maps and survey records as required, keeping files current and orderly.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


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